Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes August 8, 2018

Present: Jim Benson Keri French Susan Blenk Bill Tozer - Treasurer Cathy Hathaway – Programs & Publicity Attendance was challenging due to unexpected traffic delays. Reviewed Duties of Officers Susan clarified that we are all on Education, as there is no committee. Jim is also education. Paddles & Trips Committee: Michael Stanhope, Monday paddles. Keri French, Saturday paddles. Each committee member is responsible to notify David Brande (webmaster) of any updates. Discussion about Monday paddles We are only drawing from OPP membership. Thus, it’s under an OPP function. Michael as Monday paddle leader oversees it; he decides who is able to go and not. If Monday paddles are a function of the club, then there should be a formal tie-in w/ the Board. Who is the oversight via OPP? It’s under the OPP umbrella, so the Board can step in. Michael, who is assigned to this, is vigilant about who is joining the Monday paddles. He checks any new participants. Question/ concern brought up about a statement from Michael that all Monday paddle participants are expected to become POCs. Recognition that there is a need, and that slowly new people are stepping up to become POCs. Challenge: a person knowing his/her schedule 2 weeks in advance. Susan conceives the Monday paddles as a subcommittee. Should it be a requirement that people are expected to be POCs? Discussion: POC is a skill to develop – this is our mission. Suggestion: have a co-POC position; sign up to shadow a person who is already signed up as a POC. Michael has already sent out an email stating that those people who have not signed up as a POC will be dropped from the list. Susan suggests that Michael send those people a letter to give them notice, as well as an opportunity to explain circumstances, before dropping them from the paddle list. Susan volunteered to notify Michael of this suggestion. Let’s make sure that David Brande gets minutes & any scheduling, so that it goes on website calendar. Putting club business cards on Chamber of Commerce rack of local business cards. Discussion: We envision that volunteers in Chamber office will point visitors to our card on their card rack. It costs $100 to join the Chamber of Commerce (e.g. to get our club business card on the local business cards rack). Susan suggests that we probably wouldn’t get $100 worth of benefit from this inclusion. Diana noted that when she visited the Chamber of Commerce, that the knowledge shared was dependent upon the knowledge of the volunteers on duty. If volunteers are not kayakers, they may not contribute much to pointing visitors to our card. Another comment: the target audience at the Chamber of Commerce is likely visitors and not new residents. Other PR strategies using our cards and brochures: There are new people arriving all the time. It’s good to get our name out. The Maritime Festival was a great resource for us to draw new members. At the Festival OPP members staffing our booth were talking to prospective members face to face. Keri put brochures at Discovery Bay Used Gear shop. Susan put them at Sound Bike & Kayak. Question: should we put some brochures in Pt Gamble kayak shop? Looking into a new location for OPP meetings. We discovered a schedule conflict for our Sept. meeting at the Sequim Library. Schedule was later resolved, however, we foresee the same conflict recurring. Dilemma: The library won’t let us book more than 90 days out. Alternative location: Community room at First Security Bank in Sequim. Susan is looking into this as an alternative. Board approved her investigation of this option. Our club is growing, so this could be helpful. Another location option mentioned: Sequim Fire Station has a room, too. It may not be a large room. Changing Location of OPP BOARD meetings: Question if we want to start meeting in Sequim to eliminate the travel of the majority of board members. Perhaps Adagio Café, located near Sequim QFC. Upcoming Lake Crescent Skills Training Every workshop is full, with a waiting list. Keri, Susan & Michael will collect the money for the afternoon sessions over the 3 days of training. Deb will bill us per hour, dependent upon the number of participants for each workshop. Procedure: the daily money collectors can drop off to Bill the money collected on the same day as the workshop so that he can pay Deb. Upcoming speakers – Cathy One speaker – David Larkin, Coast Guard Auxiliary – safety equipment for paddle craft. Inquiry into a getting a speaker from Outdoor Project – a resource for outdoor excursions. Based in Portland. Other proposals for speaker resources:
  1. Poll members for speaker suggestions.
  2. Presentation by member who did the “48-70” Tacoma to Pt Townsend race (Drew, Forrest out of Pt Gamble shop.)
  3. Find someone to do Yoga or Stretches for Paddlers again.
  4. Sam Baker, physician – topic: Wilderness First Aid for Kayakers.
  5. Can we find a topic to bring non-paddlers to our meeting?
  6. Susan Simmons – the marathon swimmer (Swam from Ogden Point to Dungeness Pass during her swim).
What were previous speaker topics that attracted attendance? Travel, Orca program. Upcoming Event Calendar Dates & Activities: Holiday Party – Dec. 12. Keri has reserved Pioneer Park. Discussion/ suggestions:
  1. Move the gear swap to May, and schedule a speaker in June.
  2. Change our summer kick-off to June. Have summer kick-off in July at Bovies Meadow (Summer Get-together).
  3. Do Gear Swap on May 8.
  4. Bovees Meadow on June 15, including a Kayak Rodeo (replaces our June meeting). Diana described annual day of relay games on the water that Seattle Mountaineers do in the spirit of fun. Kayak Rodeo format: Teams of 4 kayakers are grouped (day of) by organizer. Teams are on the clock and simultaneously execute different relays on the water that include self-rescue, assisted rescue or other skills (different skills combined in different relays). Whimsical prizes are awarded, sometimes first placing team members may receive small dry boxes which were donated by local kayak shops.
Suggestion: Invite some Mountaineers who organize the Seattle Kayak Rodeo to be our Grand Marshalls for our rodeo, such as Michael & Carol Kennedy or perhaps Brian High. Diana will research Kayak Rodeo events. Jim: Pool sessions Pool sessions begin in October. A review of last season’s attendance shows the interest (attendance) was maintained throughout the season. Discussion: Rolling class – A rolling class could encourage people to review rolling skills at pool sessions. Recommendation: change rolling class to 2 hours (instead of last year’s 1 hour). Recommendation to have another person assist Deb with roll training – John Palmer was suggested by Jim. No pool available after Nov., 2019. Pool renovations begin then. (4- 6 months’ renovation time) Kudos to a well-functioning board for the large attraction of new members this past year! Budget (Bill) Income from dues, hat sales. Spending
  1. Pool rental (mostly breaks even)
  2. Post Office box
  3. OPP subsidize the classes
We will start the 2018-’19 year with $2144 in our budget. Possible expenditures Discussion about purchasing flags that mount onto kayak stern (while atop a car rack). Flags can be printed with OPP logo on them. Company only sells to retailers. Port Gamble is the nearest retail store; we would deal directly w/ them to order our flags. Question: have we reached out to the people who print our hats? Board discussion. Motion/ seconded: get a bid. If looks good (at no more than $7.50 each), then order 100 red flags (minimum order allowed). Proposal passed by Board. Susan still not on bank signature card She will schedule appointment w/ the bank. September is big membership renewal time. Keri needs help at the first meeting. Cathy, Jim & Susan volunteered to help. John Wayne Marina Event Day Third Saturday in September - a fundraiser for Volunteer Hospice. Keri suggested that the POC for that day makes that the date/ location for the Saturday monthly paddle. Susan will contact Sequim Yacht Club to inquire if OPP can have an informational table there or if we can hand out our cards. Bill agreed to bring the OPP banner to Dick in advance to use at this event. NEXT MEETING – AS NEEDED.  

Board Meeting Minutes March 1, 2016

The meeting convened at Michael’s house.  Michael, Keri, Bill, Dick, Jim, and Felix attended.
Bill stated the treasury has $2647 with the all bills current and the pool paid through spring.
Paddling clinics and classes were discussed. Hoping to have Lake Crescent clinics starting in the spring. Other possibilities were discussed. Keri said she would discuss clinics and classes with Cecil.
The club is running the Sunday morning paddle for the Port Angeles Kayak festival. Club members will be encouraged to volunteer to help out at the festival. Bill Tozier will organize the OPP booth for the festival and get members to sign up to staff the booth.
Jim thought the pool sessions should be limited to 8 sea kayaks per hour plus maybe a couple of river boats. Jim will talk with Bill I. Michael will announce, at OPP meetings, that the club will have mentors available if requested to help out paddlers at the pool and they should designate what they want to work on in the pool.
Club meetings could be held in Sequim in the future so our Port Townsend members don't have to travel so far. There has been an increase in PT memberships. Michael will check into the library availability and try to get us on the schedule for 2017. The new board can decide on where to hold the meetings. Felix will keep track of the members at meetings and where they live.
Board candidates for the next paddle year will be sought with Susan Blenk and Ken Fowler being possibilities. David B. offered to continue work on the OPP website. Bill Tozier agreed to stay on the board and remain as treasurer. Jim and Felix offered to serve on committees in the future. At least 4 new board members will be needed. Current Board members will keep this in mind as they think of members who might be asked to serve.
The club website and Facebook page need to be kept current. Felix will contact Susan about what we can do to help her keep the Facebook page up to date. Michael will ask the membership is there anyone interested in helping David keep the website updated with trip reports, photos and more. POCs should be encouraged to submit trip reports.
Ken Fowler's Wednesday paddles can either be official OPP paddles if he has the paddlers conform to OPP paddle requirements or not, his choice. If he chooses to not have them be official OPP paddles he should not use the OPP email list but can invite OPP members individually. He should note they are not OPP paddles if they are not.
A possible Lake Ozette campout and paddle was discussed, no firm decision was made.
There are 48 membership units currently, households and individuals each count as one.

Board Meeting Minutes August 5th, 2015

The meeting convened at 7:00 pm at Michael’s house. Present for the meeting were Michael, Jim, Felix, Bill T, Cecil, Keri and Dick. The board first reviewed the board positions. For 2015-2016 year duties are as follows: Chairperson - Michael Stanhope Treasurer - Bill Tozier Secretary - Feliz Nidzgorski Webmaster – David Brande Membership - Keri French Programs - Jim Benson Training - Cecil Oxford and Keri French Monthly paddles – Dick Grinstad Pool Session – Bill Isenberger and Bruce Monro Subjects discussed included: Pool sessions – We can’t start right at 4:00pm, because the pool staff is taking down the lanes, and have to be out of the water way before 6 as the pool staff wants everyone out by 6. We will check into resolving this issue or adjusting the fee paid to the pool. Also, the board voted to offer one free pool session to new members and also to all renewing members who submit their dues by the end of September. Meeting presentations – Ideas, speakers and topics were floated to fill the monthly meetings. Everyone is encouraged to assist Jim with suggestions. Paddle Park – There has been some mention of the city about the club needing insurance to clean the park. This has yet to be clarified, but Jim will arrange a meeting. Possibly we could sign a waiver. Club liability waiver – Keri will look into simplifying the signature on the waiver form to use only a single place. New member packets – It was agreed that new members should be encouraged to paddle. Board members could unofficially mentor and invite new members to paddles and also to observe a pool session. The new member packets will include several documents currently on the web site, but will be sent as a group to their email address. Also, members will be advised of the the discounts offered by some local retailers when they present their club membership card. Upcoming events – the Big Hurt, a local endurance event on September 26th, may or may not need club members. They have coverage from the Coast Guard. At the September meeting ideas such as weekend at Ramblewood, skill sessions including Deception Pass and other outings will be discussed to gauge member interest. Club gear – It was decided that the club should purchase more hats with the club logo. They are all gone and are popular items that are sold at cost. The meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm. Respectfully submitted, William Tozier, Secretary  

Board Meeting Minutes April 9, 2015

The meeting convened at 7:00 pm at Michael’s house. Present for the meeting were Michael, Jim, Felix, David and Bill. The board extensively discussed the appropriate membership and email lists. Currently, email notices are sent to a list containing not only current, paid members but also past/legacy members not current on their dues. This larger list of email recipients has been used with the thought that it might entice a larger paid membership. The board felt that continuing to email this legacy group did not have an impact on continuing membership. Board members also expressed concern that by sending notice of upcoming events to non-current members, the POCs for paddle events might not recognize those without a waiver when they showed up to paddle. Therefore the board decided to restrict email messages regarding club activities to only those current members with paid dues and signed waivers. However, during September, when the new membership year starts, an invitation to join may be sent out to those legacy individuals. The membership roster will remain in the form of an Excel spreadsheet, but a text (.txt) file will be created that can be pasted into the "Bcc" field of any email client software (Outlook, Gmail, etc.). The list of members covering the club booth at the upcoming PA Kayak and Film Festival (PAKFF) was reviewed, and another name was added to provide more complete coverage. Details for setting up the booth were also reviewed. Bill T. has the table, chair, posters, banner and business cards. The Bensons' canopy was transferred to Bill so that he could set up the booth Saturday morning. The club will be conducting an early Sunday morning paddle around the PA harbor as part of the PAKFF. Jim said that he would look into whether participants in this paddle were being advised to wear or provided either a wet or dry suit for proper safety. The meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm. Respectfully submitted, William Tozier, Secretary  

Board Meeting Minutes March 18, 2015

The meeting was convened at the home of Michael Stanhope at 7:00 pm. Present for the meeting were Directors Michael Stanhope, Jim Benson, and David Brande. Also present, as observers were members Keri French and Lydia Stanhope. Michael indicated that membership currently stood at 43 which includes 18 family memberships. It was noted that a significant number of the current membership were not personally known to the board members and were not joining in weekly or monthly paddles. Michael volunteered to contact some of these to determine how the club might better serve their needs. The Board unanimously agreed to reimburse Director Bill Tozier for the cost of an Apple Computer adapter ($29.00 plus tax), which he purchased to facilitate the presentation of the March meeting. This was the second time this year that such an adapter was needed. It was agreed that the existence of weekly paddles would be added to the club calendar as a regularly recurring item to include contact information of POC’s. Jim Benson agreed to firm up paddles for the remainder of the club year and have them posted to the club calendar. It was discussed and agreed this would include “summer food paddles.” It was agreed that the first training session would be held at Crescent Lake East Beach on April 29 at 4:00 pm. A training session at Deception Pass was discussed. Jim Benson will explore this and report back. It was discussed and agreed that Board members should have direct access to the OPP calendar to more efficiently post upcoming events. David Brande will provide instruction to Board members. It was agreed that the June meeting would consist of a Gear Swap and potluck at Vern Burton Center. The granting of free memberships to Bill Isenberger, Bruce Monro, and Jim Walters in recognition of their continuing work at Paddle Park which saves the club $675 that would normally be charged for use of the Vern Burton Center and Lincoln Park. No action was taken since this would not take effect until next year. Jim Benson will check with Bill Isenberger to determine if the May Pool Session could be rescheduled for May 10th since May 17 would conflict with the scheduled club camping trip on Blake Island. The club has been asked to provide input and volunteer support to the Big Hurt Kayak race later this year. Bill Isenberger has agreed to attend the organizational meeting to obtain additional details. April 11 is Pool Day at the William Shore Pool in Port Angeles. The pool has requested that two members provide two kayaks that members of the public could try out in the pool from 11:00 am until 1:00 pm. A request will go out to members for volunteers. Jim Benson indicated that Coastal Clean Up Day was April 25. An OPP Beach Clean Up paddle at Fresh Water Bay will be announced at the next meeting. The Board discussed potential new Board members for the coming year. Names discussed were Keri French (who agreed to serve), John Acklen, Ken Fowler, and Deb Carlson. Michael indicated that Susan Blenk would be willing to serve again if other volunteers were not available and if board meeting were held in Sequim. Also discussed was Mike Edwards who had served as a paddle club president in California.  

Board Meeting Minutes January 31, 2015

The was an online email meeting of the board members. The board held an online vote about renewing the membership to Washington Water Trails Association. Three voted in favor, one against and one undecided. The treasurer was instructed to send $150 annual membership to WWTA. Respectfully submitted, William Tozier, Secretary

Board Meeting Minutes October 22, 2014

Attending: Michael, Jim, Felix, David and Bill Meeting was held at Michael’s house. The board reviewed the budget for the upcoming year. David said the club currently has approximately $3300 in the account. Felix forecasts will use a conservative figure of 40 paying members, a combination of mostly individual and some family memberships, for calculating next years income. Before tonight he had 26 paid members, 10 of whom were family memberships. The predicted expenses for the 2014-15 year will include: - porta potty on Ediz Hook Paddle Park + $450 (we split the $900 annual cost with the Rowing Club) - Paddle Park maintenance = $300 plus $75 for clean up party - Potential losses on the pool sessions = $300 - Washington Water Trails Association dues = $150 (?) Board members felt it part of our community service to continue both the paddle park porta potty and maintenance. The losses on the pool sessions were based on past experience. The club needs 15 persons to sign up for each of the 6 sessions to break even, but sometimes there aren’t enough signed up or people don’t show. That is one reason why the November pool session may be advertised as open to the public (for $15 for non-members). The board decided not to join the Sequim Chamber of Commerce as had been considered by the previous board. The above expenses stand from previous years. Last year the club purchased a projector, but no outstanding expenses are expected this coming year. It is planned to send out an email reminder to those who have not yet paid their dues fpr 2014-15. Next, the upcoming activities were discussed. The annual Holiday Party in December has been set. Nan has volunteered to help gather members to decorate. The board approved purchase of any additional supplies for the party. The agenda will be left up to the members working on the party. The presentations for the upcoming club meetings were reviewed. Marti will present in November, Chris Duff in January. Then Cecil, Morgan, Dr. Baker and speakers from Port Gamble have volunteered to present at the other meetings. The board felt that the goal of the presentations should be to present trips, well known speakers and some important educational material. At this point the board does not know what involvement the club will have in the April Kayak Festival, but it will probably ask for members to volunteer to provide on the water safety patrols. The November monthly paddle will be to Protection Island with a back up plan for Fort Flagler. David discussed website improvements. The latest feature is a paddle partner forum for members looking to arrange a paddle. David will email the membership when he feels comfortable that all new website features are functioning properly. Finally, the board decided to ask the membership at the next meeting if they would like to have a roster containing only the names and cell numbers made available to all members. This could facilitate communication when planning paddles. Next board meeting will be in January. The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm. Respectfully submitted, William Tozier, Secretary  

Board Meeting Minutes September 24, 2014

Attending: Michael, Jim, Felix and Bill Meeting was held at Felix’s house.   Note: Current board members for 2014-2016: Chairman Michael Stanhope Vice Chairman Jim Benson Treasurer David Brande Secretary Bill Tozier Membership Felix Nidzgorski Questions were raised about the minimum number of board members required in the by-laws. Since the positions are still open and volunteers have been requested, this issue was tabled. The board also recognized that it needed to establish the budget. Since the treasurer was absent, it was decided to review the upcoming years budget via email with the goal to have it ready to submit to the membership for approval at the October meeting. Michael started by stating he thought the goal for this next year should be to increase the paddling membership. Most of the meeting centered around ways to increase membership through better speakers, trip presentations, ways to enliven activities and paddling skill sessions, classes, newspaper and announcements in other publications and also emphasizing the pool sessions. Upcoming speakers were discussed for the next year. Last year ended with 56 members, so far only 19 have renewed. The board plans to contact members with reminders of their membership dues and waiver form renewal. It was decided that commercial businesses should be encouraged to join at the family rate. The December Holiday Party has already been scheduled at the Lincoln Park center. Planning for decorations was discussed. The next board meeting will be in October. The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm. Respectfully submitted, William Tozier, Secretary.

Board Meeting Minutes August 13, 2014

Attending: Jon Wendt, Bill Tozier, Bill Paris, Susan Blenk, Maureene Dubiak, Jim Benson, David Brande, Felix Nidzgorski Meeting was called to order at 7 pm in the Vern Burton Community Center. The board members for the upcoming 2014-2015 year are: Chairperson – TBD Vice-Chairperson – TBD Treasurer – David Brande Secretary – Bill Tozier Membership – Felix Nidzgorski Program Coordinator – Jim Benson & Felix Nidzgorski Paddles – Jim Benson & Felix Nidzgorski Education – Jim Benson & Cecil Oxford   Each of the outgoing board members described the duties of their positions: Treasurer – Collect dues and handle club checking account, pick up mail (Susan and Maureene passed their post box keys, checks, stamp, records and all treasurer materials to David), passing waiver forms to membership director. Recurring club expenses include: pool sessions, Paddle Park porta potty and mowing, clean up event food, club caps for sale and Washington Water Trails membership. Additionally, the past board recommended joining the Sequim Chamber of Commerce to facilitate publicity in Sequim. Membership – Collects member names from applications and keeps club roster, collects dues and passes money to treasurer, distributes club publicity materials, and hands new members the club information packets. Webmaster – Keeps up with domain registration and hosting fees. Posts information to the site, including information, links and photos, establishes a web Point of Contact for persons looking for information. Note, Susan has informally established a Facebook site for the club and monitors membership and postings. Secretary – Records the minutes of the club and board meetings, forwarding them to the webmaster to be posted. Serves as the central point for emailing club email notices of events. Schedules the room. Bill T also took possession of the club digital projector. Upcoming club events to include: - September 10 club meeting with be a potluck and gear swap - September 20, TBD and possible evening paddle at Lake Crescent in the same months Programs – Arranges newspaper notices and plans agenda for monthly meetings   Paddles – Plans and coordinates monthly paddles. Note. Bill and Bruce will continue to coordinate the pool sessions, probably six, starting in October, skipping December.   The next board meeting will be in September. Thanks to Susan for the delicious snacks. Meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m. Respectfully submitted, William Tozier, Secretary  


Board Meeting May 28, 2014 Attending: Bill P., Maureene and Bill T Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm in the Vern Burton Community Center. Maureene reported the club had $2867.82 with all expenses paid through September. She will also compile a expense history of the pool sessions for next years board. It was decided to move the gear swap to September. This may increase interest in the first meeting of the club year. The annual potluck was discussed and a final time will be decided at the June club meeting. The board voted to shift the $200 not used for the Kayak and Film festival to support the speaker coming from Victoria in June. Also, at the June meeting, the new board members will be announced for the upcoming year. Finally, all the club advertising materials, the banners, posters and club business cards were transferred to Bill T for storage. Next board meeting will be in August. The meeting was adjourned at 7:20 pm. Respectfully submitted, William Tozier, Secretary.  


Board Meeting April 23, 2014 Attending: Jon, Bill P., Susan and Bill T Note there was no board meeting in March. Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm in the Vern Burton Community Center. April Kayak and Film festival. Board members felt that they festival was a success and that we should see some new members. The water safety should have more coordination with the vendors as there seemed to be little guidance to the boaters trying new boats as well as some youth who used the boats for games. The OPP canopy, table, chair and one banner are now at Bill Tozier’s house. Marti took the other banner, the photo posters and business cards to use at the May 4 Port Angeles Yacht Club event. New board members. So far only one person has stepped forward to be on the board next year. Bill T may also continue. It was decided to ask individuals rather than the group at the May meeting. Upcoming membership meetings. A speaker from the Audubon club will speak in May. We will notify members that the speaker may ask for donations. The agenda for the June meeting is still being planned. The membership will also be surveyed for their input on ideas for the club as required in the bylaws. The members decided to research supporting finding someone to put on a Deception Pass training session, cost borne by the participants. Susan presented some benefits to the club by paying $75 to join the Sequim Chamber of Commerce next year. This will give us access to their paper and other publicity. This decision will be left to next years board. The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm. Respectfully submitted, William Tozier, Secretary.

BOARD MEETING MINUTES, February 26, 2014

Board Meeting February 26, 2014 Attending: Jon, Bill P., Maureene and Bill T Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm in the Vern Burton Community Center. Budget. Maureen reported a balance of $2814 with $450 due in for the porta potty. This will be the balance after all regular expenditures through August. The last pool session only netted $80, so we lost $70. Twelve caps have been ordered from Swain’s and should be arrive in two weeks. They will sell for $15 each. Pool sessions are next scheduled for March and possibly for May, but none in April due to conflict with the kayak festival. April Kayak and Film festival. We now have 6 volunteers to help with water safety and also the club booth. Bill T will collect all the equipment and materials for the booth in the next month. These will also be available for the May 4 Port Angeles Yacht Club event as they have invited us to set up a booth. Ed and Maureene will coordinate support for this event. Monthly paddles. The list was received, but there may be changes to the POCs and actual locations. This list will be reviewed with the membership at the March meeting with an encouragement for members to sign up as POCs. We will also bring up scheduling summer skill sessions. Also to be discussed at the March club meeting will be the need for new volunteers to replace current board members. The board discussed releasing the WWTA OPP password to members or select members. Bill P will examine any implications. The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 pm. Respectfully submitted, William Tozier, Secretary.


Board Meeting January 22, 2014 Attending: Jon, Bill P., Susan, Maureene and Bill T Meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm in the Vern Burton Community Center. Budget.  Maureen reported a balance of about $3000 in the club account.  This will be the balance after all regular expenditures through August.  Current expenses to include the Paddle Park maintenance, port potties, post office box, pool sessions, and Christmas party were reviewed the costs appear stable and within the planned budget. Membership.  Susan reported we now have 25 family and 22 individual members which appears to be about the same as last year.  A question was raised about whether some members should be excused from paying dues in return for work they do for the club.  The board felt this was not appropriate as lots of members contribute in many ways to the club.  Posters about the club now are posted in the Port Gamble store and will soon be in the Sequim visitors center. Future expenses.  The board will continue with planned funding for: - $200 to the Washington Water Trails Association - $ 250 purchase hats with the club logo to be sold to members and handed out to guest speakers - $200 to the April Port Angeles Kayak and Film Festival - $150 for the Paddle Park cleanup lunch - up to $500 for the purchase of a digital projector Events.  Sam Baker is the guest speaker for February and the club paddle will be to Sequim Bay. - there was discussion of planning some special classes or events to include an edging session by Chris Duff and a trip to Deception Pass.  These will be brought up at the February club meeting as well as soliciting other ideas. - An early search to replace the board members will also start with possible individuals as well as an announcement at the next club meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 7:20 pm. Respectfully submitted, William Tozier, Secretary.


Board Meeting October 23, 2013 Attending: Jon, Bill T., Susan, Maureene, Nan Meeting was called to order at 7 pm in the Vern Burton Community Center. Budget. Maureene reported a balance of $3184.75. The recent pool session had 15 people pay, making it break even. Membership. So far there have been 44 members sign up, that number comes from 31 memberships, some of which are family members. It is expected that more members will sign up in coming months. Posters advertising the club are being printed and will be distributed to the three local kayak shops as well as Port Gamble. Nan will contact Morgan about having a club member make an announcement at the Fall kayaking class. Announcements of the club meetings are also being posted in the Port Angeles newspaper. Christmas party planning is underway. The building at Lincoln Park has been reserved. Signups for food have been circulated at the October meeting and will again at the November meeting. Bunco is planned. Some ideas were floated about possible topics for upcoming meetings. Nan has been organizing the monthly club entertainment. For the November club meeting, Jory will give a presentation about how to reduce physical stress while paddling. Members may end up seated on the floor and so a notice will go out about bringing pads to the meeting. There will be no board meeting in November or December. The next meeting will be in January. Board meetings may have to be moved to Tuesday night to accommodate Nan. Delicious treats were supplied by Jon, Nan and Susan. The meeting was adjourned at 7:45pm. Respectfully submitted, William Tozier, Secretary.

BOARD MEETING MINUTES, September 25, 2013

Board Meeting September 25, 2013 Attending: Jon, Bill P., Susan, Maureen, Nan Meeting was called to order at 7 pm in the Vern Burton Community Center. Membership. Only 22 membership renewals have been received out of a total of 67 members from last year. The board reviewed past measures to attract new members. Nan reported no new members were recruited last year from her presentations to the students at the Peninsula College kayaking course. Susan was allocated $15 to print 5 new posters for distribution to kayak vendors and welcome centers in Sequim and Port Angeles. Maureen will host an OPP information table at an upcoming Newcomers Club meeting. Budget. Maureen reported a balance of $2845 in the club account. It was approved to pay $350 for Paddle Park mowing expenses for the period April through September 2013. Maureen will explore the possibility of advance payment for pool sessions during the first half of 2014 to lock in the current price of $75 per hour. The following budget recommendations were made: - $1,000 minimum balance should be maintained in the club treasury - $200 for Washington Water Trails Association membership - $200 to support a club paddle at Camp Parsons - Purchase a projector for club meetings, not to exceed $800 - Increase December holiday party budget to $100 Training sessions. Jon will contact Cecil to get the dates and costs for training classes Cecil suggested at the last membership meeting. These will be posted on the club website so that interested members can sign up in advance. It was agreed that the cost of training classes should be paid by participants with no cost incurred by the OPP club. Nan will ask Felix to present launch site locations for the meeting program. Delicious treats were supplied by Nan and Susan. The meeting was adjourned at 8pm. Respectfully submitted, William Tozier, Secretary.


Board Meeting August 28, 2013 Attending: Jon, Bill T, Bill P., Susan, Maureen Meeting was called to order at 7 pm in the Vern Burton Community Center. The board members for this year are Jon Wendt, Chairperson: Bill Paris, Vice-Chairperson and Webmaster (backup): Susan Blenk, Membership: Maureen Dubiak, Treasurer: Bill Tozier, Secretary: and Nan Benson, Program Coordinator Jon reviewed some of the upcoming club events to include: - September 11 club meeting, with Cecil giving a class on knot tying skills. Also this will be the first meeting of the new year and dues will be collected along with the waiver forms. - September 21, monthly paddle at Lake Crescent and lunch at the Lake Crescent Lodge - September 25, next board meeting - October 9, club meeting - October 19, Ballard Locks paddle - October 23, next board meeting Maureen presented the annual budget, which the board members reviewed in detail. The budget will be posted along with the minutes. No significant change in either income or expenditures is expected. Six pool sessions will be planned. There will be a small amount ($200) set aside as possible support for the planned Kayak Symposium next April to be conducted jointly by the owners of all three kayak shops in PA. Money will be set aside for printing new business cards used for promoting the club. The possible printing of hats and shirts will be explored by Susan. These could be used to reward speakers and/or sold to club members. The budget will be posted online and presented for approval to the membership at the September club meeting. The next board meeting will be in September. Thanks to Susan for the delicious snacks. Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m. Respectfully submitted, William Tozier, Secretary