POC Checklist

Adapted from a list developed by the Hole in the Wall Paddling Club


1. Make sure all participants are club members in good standing. The club treasurer must have a signed OPP Application/Waiver document on file for the present year. Refer to the most current membership roster or contact the club treasurer.

2. Ensure all participants receive detailed plan including itinerary, equipment requirements, charts and alternative plan options. Refer them to the Club website’s "Resources" menu for additional guides and checklists.

3. Insure your own equipment is perfect. Have VHF radio/cell phone, tow belt, first aid kit, spare paddle, extra dry clothes, emergency rations, etc.

4. Give a float plan to a family member.

5. Remember to make this a lot of fun.

Pre-launch Brief:

1. Give yourself plenty of time. Do Not Rush through this. Make sure everyone participates.

2. Ask if anyone has medical issues that could become a problem when underway. Discuss possible rescue scenarios. If they have rescue medication with them, find out where it is stowed.

3. Check everyone’s boat and gear. This is an all hands exercise. Have everyone check each others kayaks for proper floatation and watertight hatches. Check for spare paddles or paddle leashes. Check PFD’s, spray skirts, immersion gear, whistles, funny hats, sunglasses, gloves, clown noses etc.

4. Find out who has VHF radios and cell phones. Agree on a frequency to monitor. Do radio checks.

5. Find out who has tow ropes, first aid kits and spare paddles.

6. Assign a lead paddler and a sweeper paddler. These should be skilled paddlers with good rescue skills.

7. Go over trip route and time line. Have everyone agree on keeping within hearing distance. Discuss when to group up for channel crossings. Review whistle and paddle signals. Discuss alternative plans and pullouts. Find out who has cookies for the POC.